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Do you need a divorce or family law attorney in the Bay City, Texas area? Fortunately there are many qualified Matagorda County Divorce lawyers who can help you.

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If your marriage has reached a point where divorce is likely on the horizon, then it is important to meet with a Bay City divorce attorney to discuss your case. Regardless of whether you believe your divorce will end amicably or on the worst of terms, having a professional represent you is the best way to insure that you have the process done the right way, without the possibility of being blind-sided later down the road. Divorce is an emotional rollercoaster. If children are involved, the picture is even more complex.

Protect Your Family, Your Assets, and Your Future

A Bay City divorce lawyer can help you protect your current and future interests. Whether you disagree with the proposed division of your assets, proposed child-custody regime, or whether you merely you want to sign-off on a no-fault divorce, your Bay City divorce attorney can make the process move forward the first time through. Meet with a Bay City family lawyer by filling out the questionnaire on the left.

Divorce and Family Attorneys Cover A Wide Variety of Topics:

• Custody
• Paternity
• Adoption
• Protective Orders
• Prenuptial Agreements
• Postnuptial Agreements
• Separation Agreements
• Grandparents Rights
• Family Mediation and Arbitration
• Community Property
• Wage Garnishment
• Annulment
• Child Support
• Protective Orders
• Dead Beat Parents
• Fault/No Fault Based Divorce

Important Things to Remember When Facing A Divorce or Other Family Issue

Get an Outside Perspective: All too often, people facing a divorce become so consumed by their situation that they run the risk of doing or saying something they will regret. This is understandable because family issues are the most emotionally charged, and taxing. An experienced divorce/family law attorney can help you focus your energy on a positive long-term outcome and provide you with a “cooler head” when needed.



Bay City Family Courts

Matagorda County 130th District Court
1700 7th St Room 317
Bay City, TX 77414-5034
Phone: (979) 244-7621
Matagorda County 23rd District Court
1700 7th Street Room 307
Bay City, TX 77414-5034
Phone: (979) 244-7621

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